"The mystery and action in Blood of the Saints will have you reading well into the night! Cheri Scotch has assembled a whopper of a plot and a love story that will please thriller addicts and romantics alike." - Nocturne Romance Reads

"By the time the story comes to an end, the reader is absolutely immersed in this group of characters and ready for their next adventure."  - You Gotta Read Reviews

"I love a new twist on a story as old as time itself. The reader is in for a treat. Twists and turns galore, as well as action, adventure, and a little bit of romance thrown in the mix. Enjoy!"  - Night Owl Romance

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"A delightful boiling cauldron of werewolves, Voodoo queens, black magic and zombies...[Scotch] has established herself as the new reigning queen of chilling, erotic horror."—Ray Garton, author of LIVE GIRLS and DARK CHANNEL




ALL THREE of these classic werewolf novels are now available in one volume!

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The first book in the ground-breaking trilogy that follows the history of a rowdy, close-knit clan of werewolves centered around New Orleans.
     Debutante Sylvie Marley never knew that her family was cursed. Long ago, to protect his unborn children, her father had committed a terrible crime that saved them from an unnatural life. Or so he thought. But when Sylvie begins coming home at dawn, barefoot and with her clothes in shreds, flushed with joy, her father suspects what's driving her out under the full moon.

     Sylvie falls in love with the handsome Lucien Drago, a promising composer -- and a loup-garou, the werewolf of the Louisiana bayous. Lucien shows her just how free and rewarding a werewolf's life can be, and she longs to accept the transforming Werewolf's Kiss and  live that life with Lucien. But if she gives in, she'll crush her father's hopes for her future, and make his agonizing sacrifice mean nothing.

     However, she may have no choice. A madman seeking to subvert her dormant power intends to force Sylvie down a path leading away from Lucien, away from her family, and away from the werewolves. 

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"Terrific new talent Cheri Scotch once again delivers....With the second book in her trilogy, Cheri Scotch continues to bring her unique interpretation of the complex and fascinating world of the werewolf to light."—ROMANTIC TIMES


A prequel to THE WEREWOLF’S KISS, THE WEREWOLF’S TOUCH traces the history of the Marley family. Young Anglican priest Andrew Marley has discovered the werewolf curse that has tormented his family for generations. When Andrew’s great-grandfather rejected the love of the Voodoo queen La Reine Blanche, she cursed his family line . Now the first-born child of every generation will become a werewolf on the night of his greatest triumph. The curse later killed Andrew’s father and drove his mother to madness. Desperate to find a way out, Andrew turns to Zizi, the Queen of the Louisiana werewolves, and his ancestor Georginia Marley Von Eisenbach, the first Marley to be so cursed. Now, only by facing the greatest evil he has ever imagined, can Andrew Marley lift the curse and allow himself the peace his heart desires.

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"It's all great fun, undergirded with a good sense of New Orleans background and bayou lore.... The ride never stops...what Scotch has whipped up is a dessert that makes a person think of a current of rich, dark chocolate, semisweet....is Cheri Scotch the Anne Rice of werewolves...pretty close...I'm definitely looking forward to further installments."—CEMETERY DANCE

     THE WEREWOLF’S SIN takes place fifteen years after THE WEREWOLF’S KISS, when all of the loups-garou are at crucial points in their lives. Walt Marley has been given the gift he wanted all his life: his sister Sylvie Drago has made him a loup-garou. But because of it, their horrified, heartbroken father has disowned them both. Lucien Drago feels a gulf opening up between him and his beautiful wife, and Achille Broussard has been shattered by a violent tragedy.

     The werewolves’ vulnerability has left them open to the influences of the sociopathic Lycaon, the ancient King of Arcadia, cursed by Zeus to become the first werewolf.  Lycaon challenges his own first victim, the legendary Apollonius of Tyana, the werewolf who initiated the code of ethics by which the modern-day loup-garou community lives. Only Sylvie Marley Drago, and her husband Lucien, can prevent Lycaon's horrifying revenge against the werewolves. And one of them must make a desperate sacrifice


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