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Writing Stuff!
North Shore Writers Group is one of the oldest support groups for writers in this area. They get together twice a month to read and discuss each other's work and offer helpful comments. They've also published two collections of short stories. A good mix of beginners and seasoned writers. They meet in Salem, MA. NSWG.net

WRITERS' SPACES! Fascinating places to write, including an incredible travel-trailer space, a treehouse, and lots of resident cats & dogs.






Romance Writers of America is absolutely essential for romance novelists, published and not-yet published. You can keep up with market and editorial changes, find out who's buying what, get a monthly magazine, and lots of other benefits. In case there's no local RWA chapter near you, they have an online chapter available 24/7. rwanational.org
A tune-up for your writing skills! The Fiction Factor site has a sister site especially for romance writers. Information AND inspiration -- whatta deal. romance.fictionfactor.com
Heart of Carolina Romance Writers has lots of writer sites by HCRW members, and lots of information about this organization for published and not-yet-published writers. HeartofCarolina.org

Fun Stuff!

Like dragons? You'll find dragon prints, dragon sculpture, jewelry and lots of dragony shiny stuff. All original and handmade! EbonDragonArt.com
Love cats? This no-kill, no-cage shelter in Cary, NC is one of the best cat shelters around. The cats are well cared for, and the price to adopt (as of this writing) is only $115 for a neutered or spayed, microchipped  kittycat. The cats are usually well-socialized, too. Don't worry -- I already adopted the one that farts.  


SAVE THE ANIMALS! Support your local rescue or shelter.

 Spay, Neuter and Don't Breed Animals -- ADOPT!