What Would The Devil Do To Reclaim His Lost Lover?

   The Order of the Lazarus Knights has the power to resurrect the dead and make them heroes who protect mankind.
   But the price of glory is high. Calli Hayward has lost her past, Mark Justin his future, Bone Randall his capacity to love. Only their dedication to duty sustains them as they destroy the evil that strides in the shadows behind the living.
   Then a creature like no other begins a conspiracy to replace humanity on earth, and repopulate the world with its own kind. Despite their uncanny gifts, the Knights seem to be always one step behind.
   Help comes from an unimaginable source: the disgraced and suffering Morning Star, Lucifer. Ironically betrayed by one he once loved above all others, Lucifer is unable to stop the coming destruction without the co-operation of the Knights.
Lucifer also knows a secret about Calli that makes her the only Knight capable of defeating the conspiracy. If she succeeds, humanity will be saved. If she fails, she may be sealed forever in the void between earth and hell. With Lucifer.
   When they all face the enemy in battle, Calli learns her own true identity, and that she and Lucifer share a violent past that changed heaven and earth.


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